Lucette Fleur Picture

Name: Lucette 'Luci' Fleur
Nicknames: Luci, Cetti ,Lucifer
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 23
D.O.B: November 14th (Scorpio)

{ Friendly | Charismatic | Cheerful | Loyal | Obedient | High-Spirited | Pacifistic | Unambitious | Gullible | Naive | Obsessive | Impulsive }

About: A peppy college student who has an extreme fascination with the supernatural. She's more interested in the paranormal than her bible studies, much to her parent's dismay.

+ Occult, horror, demons
+ Horror movies, games
+ Stuffed animals,
+ Tea, coffee, chocolate
+ Calisson, opera cakes, cream puffs
+ Most animals

- Mousse, creme brulee, eclairs,
- Screamo music, dubstep
- Warm weather, sunny days, getting sun burnt
- Her biblical studies class
- Strong perfumes
- Onions, broccoli, garlic

- 5'5"
- Of French descent.
- Has a younger brother who attends high school, but he is sadly not into the supernatural like she is.
- He still supports her at least, despite their religious parents.
- "Majoring" in bible studies, but this is to please her parents mainly. She is minoring in demonology without her parents knowing.
- Wears contacts most of the time.
- Got glasses because of her countless nights of reading horror stories and mythology books.
- Has a really big collection of horror movies, some of which she hasn't really touched because she likes to re-watch her favorites all the time.
- Has a couple of horror games too for her to play in her own time when she's not busy with school work.
- A few of her friends watch horror movies with her sometimes, but they're often busy or they aren't too crazy about horror movies.
- She can't stand horror movies with guts and vomiting. Everything else is alright though.
- She lives in her own apartment, where she can relax without worrying about her parents busting in and taking her horror movies away.
- Acquainted with Lucad, although she doesn't know about anything the succubus has done.
- [ Headcanon Voice ]

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