Ursus Karateas Picture

Chatagh was a nice young bear, whom roamed the hills of a alternate China. But as a cub, Chatagh was given the horror that would define his life afterwards. It was the day he recieved a rather rude flat tire from the Dragon Moo-Ching, and no apology. So in response, he left home as a cub to join the Temple of the Sun... Bear. There, he trained in the Panda and Sloth Bear Martial Arts. The Palm Staff became his weapon of choice, his pledge was to defend the innocent, and his goal was to get back at that *** hole dragon. When he grew up, and completed his training, he set off for the Cliffs of Babylon, and faced the Moo-Ching Dragon once again.

This picture was inspired by the viral video of a bear using a stick as a Kung Fu staff. I saw this and wanted to do a character based on it. And this was the result.

I had another one of these, which I'll soon be posting.
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