:: Kyra, the Daughter of Apollo :: Picture

She's one of three new OCs in progress.
Funny story, I took a personality quiz to determine what Greek god I resembled the most by traits. I got Apollo, the god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, and poetry (to name a few). Then I thought, why not make an Original Character based on the Greek deities, with my own focusing on Apollo? I had a few ancient OCs - specifically from Ancient Rome - in the past, though, but I don't really use them that much and I've deemed them defunct.

Here's my new ancient/mythological OC, whose name is Kyra; she's a Greek goddess and the only daughter of Apollo. Her name is Greek, meaning "like the sun". I chose this name because I thought it was suitable since Apollo is the god of the sun, after all. Kyra is the youngest of Apollo's children and has four older brothers (who are canon to Greek mythology): Asclepius (god of medicine), Troilus (a Trojan prince), Aristaeus (a minor god credited with discovering useful arts/practical subjects), and Orpheus (musician, poet, and prophet).
Kyra's still discovering what her special "ability"/what-she'll-be-represented-as-the-goddess-of is, though she's leaning very close to the arts, as it's her hobby.

Kyra doesn't know who her mother is; her father's taken so much lovers and consorts that she's lost track. Her aunt is Artemis, her father's sister (goddess of the hunt, the moon, and archery).

~More to come as her character is fleshed out~

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