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my naga's name, nehebu-kau, is derived from the Egyptian god:

"In Egyptian mythology, Nehebkau (also spelt Nehebu-Kau, and Neheb Ka) was originally the explanation of the cause of binding of Ka and Ba after death. Thus his name, which means (one who) brings together Ka. Since these aspects of the soul were said to bind after death, Nehebkau was said to have guarded the entrance to Duat, the underworld.

was one of the more important glyphs in his name, and although it was technically a variation on the glyph for two arms raised in prayer, it also resembles a two-headed snake, and so Nehebkau became depicted in art as a snake with two heads (occasionally with only one). As a two-headed snake, he was viewed as fierce, being able to attack from two directions, and not having to fear as much confrontations. Consequently sometimes it was said that Atum, the chief god in these areas, had to keep his finger on him to prevent Nehebkau from getting out of control. Alternately, in areas where Ra was the chief god, it was said that Nehebkau was one of the warriors who protected Ra whilst he was in the underworld, during Ra's nightly travel, as a sun god, under the earth."

Nehebu-kau is the captured spirit of this god, lab bred into a naga who is two snakes in one, the cobra and the royal python. he's kept his protective and aggressive nature, but no longer has his memories of god-dom nor the powers from back then really.

the boy with him is Kellen, who belongs to AlaryEnma, and whom you will meet once the first chapter is done.
be interested!

Nehebu-kau is mine
Kellen is a BOY and belongs to kittykeoko

side note: okay i admit... the statue is of Wadjet... but you know what? everything else is right so xDDDD
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