Perdido Street Station 1: Lin Picture

It's been a while....

I recently read China Mieville's "Perdido Street Station" on the strong recommendation of a friend who I trust in such matters. Um......WOW! I fell in love with the world of Bas Lag and the the city of New Crobuzon. But most of all I fell in love the with the rich characters and races Mieville created. To me the most tragic and beautiful character is Lin. Lin is a Khepri. Mieville readily admits to pirating races from mythological and religious sources. Khepri is the Egyptian Sun God, a man with a scarab head. Mieville turned it around a bit and made the Khepri a female race with scarab heads. The males of the species are simply large scarabs, mindless eating and sex machines tended to by religious sects of the race to preserve the breeding resources. I'll stop babbling now.

I plan on making a series of "Heliotpyes", which are the crude photographic technique of this alternative world, for many of the races and characters from the book. The mixture of alien and human set in a 19th century era city on another world where science and magic work hand in hand just stoked my mind and gave rise to the urge to create my own vision of the characters and the city.

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Yes, but what is Perdido Street Station about? To oversimplify: the eccentric scientist Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin is hired to restore the power of flight to a cruelly de-winged birdman. Isaac's secret lover is Lin, an artist of the khepri, a humano-insectoid race; theirs is a forbidden relationship. Lin is hired (rather against her will) by a mysterious crime boss to capture his horrifying likeness in the unique khepri art form. Isaac's quest for flying things to study leads to verification of his controversial unified theory of the strange sciences of his world. It also brings him an odd, unknown grub stolen from a secret government experiment so perilous it is sold to a ruthless drug lord--the same crime boss who hired Lin. The grub emerges from its cocoon, becomes an extraordinarily dangerous monster, and escapes Isaac's lab to ravage New Crobuzon, even as his discovery becomes known to a hidden, powerful, and sinister intelligence. Lin disappears and Isaac finds himself pursued by the monster, the drug lord, the government and armies of New Crobuzon, and other, more bizarre factions, not all confined to his world. --Cynthia Ward
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