Beached Picture


Okay so I saw this picture of a mermaid yesterday [link] (it's pretty gory, so don't click if you're sensative to lots of blood and guts and a poor little mermaid girl getting chopped into pieces)

and anyway, it got me looking at other pictures of mermaids and stuff (much less gory) of course, you know, just lookin for some nice pictures of bewbs etc. So in my search, I realized that there are a lot of really pretty fin designs and stuff, like they're not all just the steriotypical "The Little Mermaid" style, so it got me thinking...

I'd also like to credit ~AkatsukiMemberWoolfy for some of my inspiration for having written a fan fiction (SasoDei) lately where Deidara was a goldfish that turned human by touching human skin [link] .

Also I would like to credit my big brother ~AlexKingOfTheDamned for his cosplay design [link] with the beautiful spotted koi fish.

I took these three ideas into consideration as I came up with this idea and a kind of back story to go with it...

Who knows? I may end up writing a short fanfiction about this… any takers?

So Deidara is a merman (that much is obvious ne?) he’s got the pretty spotted koi fish thing going on, but he’s still an ocean merman. So he likes to swim close to shore and listen to the waves crashing against the beach because he thinks it’s the most beautiful sight and sound in the world, beauty for an instant, then the waves recede… art… you know the drill. So one day, one of the other merfolk, Hidan no less, decides to pull a prank on Deidara and ties his tailfin to an anchor he pulled off of a sunken ship. Of course merfolk can only breathe underwater, so it’s no problem that Deidara sinks right to the bottom, the problem is that so far towards the shore, he gets caught in the undertow and a huge wave carries him ashore where he is beached over a rock and can’t reach his tail to undo the anchor. He is stranded there for a long while, the rock being half-submerged so that hardly anyone on the beach can see him, but too close to the shore for any of the merfolk to dare trying to rescue him. Finally the tide goes all the way out, leaving Deidara totally beached, baking in the sun and unable to breathe (note the gills on his neck, he can’t breathe air). Now Inuyasha’s spending a day at the beach with his best friend Miroku who is trying to get the hanyou’s mind off of his recent breakup with his longtime girlfriend Kagome. They’re just bumming around, looking at all the hot chicks in bikinis and walking up the beach when Inuyasha spots the gigantic tail fin draped over the rock thinking that some big fish got washed up on shore. Of course when he runs over to investigate what does he find? Deidara of course!

I’ll let you think about the rest of the story, I already have a clichéd plot in mind, but I actually want to ask you for suggestions!!!

[EDIT] I decided to go with an original universe theme (for Inuyasha at least) instead of AU. Prologue here. I did a lot of research on geography and mythology to put it together, I hope you love it!

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