Amaterasu Picture

A little different from my usual stuff. Instead of my usual Greek mythology stuff, I decided to make Amaterasu, sun goddess of Shinto religion and ruler of the heavens. I really tried to make her outfit look like a kimono with the options I had in the dress up game, but only so much could be done to imitate one. 

Amaterasu was born along with her two brothers, Susano and Tsukuyomi, gods of the storm and moon, when their father, Izanagi was cleansing himself after entering Yomi, the underworld. Amaterasu was the result of Izanagi washing out his left eye, Tsukuyomi his right, and Susano his nose. Amaterasu was made ruler of the heavens and gods. A bit of an unusual thing since Japan was patriarchal (from what I know at least) at the time of these legends, so a female ruling the gods is quite interesting. For a time, Tsukuyomi was her husband and brother, however when Amaterasu leanred that he had killed Uke Mochi, goddess of food, she called him a demon and split from him, creating night and day. And it seems the poor goddess's lack of luck with her brothers continued with quarrelsome Susano as they had a long-standing rivalry. He became such an abhorrent thing that Izanagi banished him from the heavens. Before he left, he decided to say good-bye to his sister. Given their rivalry, Amaterasu was suspicious of his intentions and he provided a challenge to prove his sincerity. Amaterasu accepted and they each took and object of the other's and created gods with them. Susano took Amaterasu's necklace and created three men. Amaterasu took his sword and gave birth to five women. As Susano's item produced women, Amaterasu declared herself the winner. For a time, things were fine, until Susano just had to stir up trouble again by destroying his sister's rice fields, tossing a flayed horse at her loom, and literally scaring one of her handmaidens to death. In her rage and grief, Amaterasu hid herself away in a cave and it was only through the use of trickery and a mirror that she came back out to attend to her duties as the sun goddess. She was also often pictured with a bow, so I'm guessing she knew how to defend herself pretty well.

I always imagine Amaterasu to be quite peaceful a majority of the time, but quite fearsome when challenged or when her brothers are concerned. Overall, she would rather avoid conflict, but will definitely take matters into her own hands. She is definitely a kinder person than her brothers, and was probably their father's favorite as she wasn't going around killing people or causing trouble.

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