Nightwing- Earth 27 Picture

Two of Krypton's greatest minds accepted the inevitable destruction of their homeworld, scientist Jor-El and warrior Dru-Zod. They came together and planned to send their infant sons to a hospitable world where they could recreate the Kryptonian race using a gene database encoded in their DNA. Jor-El's son, Kal-El landed in Kansas and died on impact. Dru-Zod's son, Lor-Zod, landed outside Metropolis and was raised by an elderly teacher named Jose Delgado. He grew up in the Suicide Slum, an alien with the full knowledge of his homeworld contained in a scrap piece of Coluan technology called Brainiac. The piece fused to his mind, broadening his intelligence and giving him access to any Kryptonian knowledge he desired. He quickly learned how to control his natural abilities granted by Earth's yellow sun and decided to use his powers to fight the crime he saw everyday in the Slums. Unlike Metropolis' beloved hero Superman, Lor-Zod took a more vigilante approach to fighting criminals. He adopted the name 'Nightwing', the name of a dark god of Kryptonian mythology that hunted those who hid from justice in the shadows. Doctor Fate would approach Lor-Zod and ask for his help to fight the Atlantean and Amazonian invasions and he agreed. Fate connected him with the power of the god Nightwing, giving him domain over the shadows he fights in.


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