Beyblade: Sehkmet Bitbeast Concept Picture

Another bitbeast design for ~GinGin-Schrei; this one is a bit different, in that all the others I have been drawing up recently were based on the bitbeasts of other teams in the series. This one is entirely different, and I kinda woke up with the concept in mind, and had to draw it. I hope Oz likes it.

Sehkmet is based more on the Greek Sphinx, Phix, than the typical Egyptian Androsphinx; she's named after the lion-headed goddess of war and fire. She also hails from western astrology; the lion is often associated with fire and the sun (as with the constellation of Leo), and likewise the hawk is traditionally connected with fierce heat energies; both symbols of war.
Of course, the sphinx to me represents female independence, strength and intelligence; Being part lioness, she's a symbol of sisters' doing it for themselves! The sphinx was capable of slaying any who crossed her path, pinning them beneath her, and strangling them to death; she was an intelligent beast, who set a series of riddles to those who could cross her path, and slaughtered those who could not, until she was eventually slain by Oedipus.
Nonetheless, even to this day the sphinx is a great symbol in alchemy and mythology, seen both as a monster and as a guardian; so, truly and irresistible bitbeast!


Name: Sehkmet
Type: Fire
Technique: Eye of the Sun
Attack Description: A disk of rainbow-hued fire* appears over the beyblade and swirls outward, causing a firewhirl to form, with the beyblade at it's center. In extreme scenarios, it expands outward with an effect like gravity clouds, appearing to be an intense storm.

(* The rainbow-hued fire has no consistent temperature, due to the fact that the energy fluctuations are constant and entirely random; the heat alters to all ends of the colour-temperature scale, which is what causes the phenomenon. Like the goddess Sehkmet it rages utterly out of control.)


Beyblade: Aoki Takao & Hasbor
Sehkmet: ~GinGin-Schrei
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