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Genre: Fantasy/ Drama/ Shoujo-ai (Yuri possibility)
In the World where it's normal for gods to visit humans, one goddess is imprisoned inside the burning Sun. The goddess wishes to be a part of the free World, but it rejects her begging.
In the World where it's normal for humans to see the Sun every day, one girl is hiding inside the cold temple. The World wishes the girl to be a part of it, but the she rejects its begging.
But there is another world, The World of Night Dreams. Those who are imprisoned in another place, meet each other in night dreams.

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A short introduction. I imagine that it would be great to introduce what this story is a bout before showing the actual story. Just like in Ancient Greece theater, where one of the actors came on the scene before the play to tell the viewers what the story will be about so they wouldn't be confused.

This page was my total experiment, made even before the cover.
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