Mafdet Picture

I finally got name for Shila in her superhero form, I also add few small changes, like making her eye color scarlet, and making the tail right, and about this tail, Mafdet use it to move, and also this is hers weapon, coz when she wants it can start burning (so didn't it should burn Shila ether, you will ask, well no, becuse both Shila and Ray as a heroes are fireproof, how? becouse creatures who gave them powers, comes from a star that in many ways resembles our Sun, to live there they must been fireproof). I give her name after Egyptian Goddess with lion head, and also I take her companion's name from the same mythology, Arho, becouse this is the name of heroic Ray, is reversed Ra (egiptian God of Sun ), and first two letters of Horus (you guessed it another egiptian God this time of the sky and kingship). I supose that I already bored you all to dead so I gonna go now
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