Yggdrasil Reference Picture

His changes have been approved! and the changes were small aside from his fan as you can see.

He is a Very Rare foxfan I made quite long ago, don't use traits you see here without contacting one of the foxfan mods or belliko first, just to be sure if it is a common, uncommon or rare trait.

PS - the fluff on his paws/legs is not optional, it is a trait. He is floofy, please draw him as such if I commission you xD

He got a new collar (which the charm is based on a charm I have in rl but less detailed and with teal stones instead), and the collar is still braided so it is similar to his old one.
The plants on his booty were made only slightly larger to fit better.
The tree on his fan was made just a little easier to replicate! and his beautiful peach fan received a fresh new half frame to make it look a little more decorative! This frame was also added to make him a little easier to replicate (you no longer have to draw a perfect circle every time, see? )

Original Design (Also by me, don't use as ref since it's old)
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