Goddesses of Ifegeje: Lervela Picture

Ohhh, look what I've been working on~ The elemental goddesses. About time I presented these. XD I can now show you some bases of Lennay mythology. So we start with Lervela, the main one. I did a lot of redesigning on her about 3 years ago, and now I changed the colour of her armour. I'm very happy with the outcome.

Ok, before we begin, when drawing her and the rest of the goddesses, note:
- Their eye markings glow. The rest of them do too, but not always, so it's not that important. XD
- Yes, they have toes, I just can't draw them. <_<;

Let's see.

Ifegeje (singular: Ifegea) represent elements, energy, and their combinations and manifestations. There is no exact word for them in our world. It's sometimes translated as "elements" but that's an inaccurate and lacking term.


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