Ragnarok Picture

Materials Used: Strathmore Drawing paper, mechnical pencil, Micron .02 pen.

Line Art ~ 8-10 hours.

Explanation: It's Urd on Fenrir the wolf. Mild mythology lesson, pay attention! There'll be a test later.

According to Norse mythology (Upon which O!MG is based on) the signs of Ragnarok are: The death of Baldar, Odin's son, the wolf Hati will catch and eat the sun, the wolf Skoll will catch and eat the moon, and all binding chains will be broken.

It's always been my idea that while Urd's position was one of the three Fate Maidens in the series, her character was based upon Loki, God of Mischief. It's a little complicated to explain.

But essentially, Loki is the one that pretty much causes Ragnarok to occur. And when it does occur, he'd be at the forefront fighting against the Gods.

So I put Urd on the back of Fenrir ready to lead the onslaught of the End of the World.
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