The Guardian, Frozen in Time Picture

A truly one-of-a-kind sculpted secret-keeper. A clay gargoyle perches with his cork stopper, above a chained glass container.

This is a Guardian. He is ready to watch over your most prized loot. Your modest sum of gold coins, your scrying bones, your frost troll fat....or even for the more casual of adventurers - your dice set.

He is a special brand of gargoyle who exist entirely to serve as watchful protectors (though they may sometimes be tricky to domesticate). These guardians are special since they have been bred to be flightless, unlike their traditionally winged brethren.

As you may already know, Gargoyles are frozen in their stone form only during the sunlit hours, but free to roam as soon as the sun sets. What you may NOT know is that Lady Stormblood is the planet's foremost expert in Gargoylian theory and domestication, so she has put a couple fail-safes in place to keep your stoney monster....Well....stone.

First off, Gargoyles transform in cycles. Just as the sun setting may show a transition from day to night, the hands of a clock signal the passage of time in a similar respect. All it takes is a little time-trickery, such as suspending three silver clock hands from the sides of this chained jar.....And presto! Time is frozen at 6 o'clock, and leaving this solemn Guardian none-the-wiser.

Second, sometimes they do not fall for the time trick, and more formal restraints are in order. This Guardian has been chained to his jar with unbreakable Dwarven bronze. If he gets restless, he is not getting too far away.

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