Cascade Picture

Meet Cascade, the third in my line of Aquatic Gargoyles, finally finished, I have a few more to go and i'll get to them eventually so please a little more patience and i promise you'll like what you see.


A specialist in underwater Magic, she's conjuring a summoning spell for some very special sea creatures, ones that humans passed off as legend and myth, you should know them by now; the Kraken, Dugong, the Hippocampus (not really a monster but still a mythological beast) and many many varieties of Sea serpents. She's in charge of the outer defenses of Atlantis, though she doesn't look like it with her small frame and muscle size even for a female Gargoyle, she is a strong and powerful warrior.

She's also the one that found the crystals used for the Gargoyles' sun pendants, so she's an important asset to her clan

Cascade & artwork © Me

Disney's Gargoyles characters and Ideas © Greg Weisman and Disney

original Brushes © original Owners

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