Basilisk on an Obelisk Picture

Eating an ice cream cone.

*shrug* Ya know those times that you really shouldnt ask? This is one of them.

Now let me attempt to explain anyways.

This is the result of watching a special on Hatchepsut which I did not spell correctly and not sleeping.

Those are the heiroglyphs that are on the obelisks...just different obelisks...and not in that order *shrug* And the basalisk? He's just chillin, enjoying the sun, eating some delicious ice cream. The sunglasses are more so that he can talk to people in a normal conversation and avoid the nasty side affects of them dropping dead.

If you want a fandom HP referance, then he is the twin brother of the Chamber of Secrets basilisk...on vacation from his part time job as a nurse...yes...*cough*

If there was a fanfiction section for Egyptian Mythology I would totally put him in a story with Apep, Kemetaf, and Namtar. And Snape. Maybe Lucius...and Tom Riddle. Yep.
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