PMCC: Vucub Picture

It can't be an adventure without an antagonist or two, now can it? Here's Paper Mario and the Celestial Crisis' main baddie: Vucub!

He's quite the chatty, dramatic, and very dramatically reveals that he had been sealed up for quite some time and is now back to create more chaos in the Pastry Country. Though his truer motives are shrouded in quite a bit of mystery, as well as why on earth a squawking parrot looking wizard was sealed up in the first place. Some legends connect him to a heavenly being of great chaos, though earlier myths see him as something less chaotic to say the least. Anywho, he makes quite the entrance in the story's prologue, and appears in and out. Though, he usually leaves most of the dirty work to his crew of (also sealed up for unholy amounts of time) baddies throughout the story.

Design-wise, he's based after somewhat after a Macaw demon that mimicked the sun and moon from Mayan Mythology, Vucub-Caquix. Quite a bit of mythology and folklore is referenced, and I figured Vucub Caquix was a very fitting basis for an antagonist. Also he was hands down the hardest character to not only design, but write as well! Though, I'm still working on the prologue as I juggle quite a few more other projects. orz
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