Lumiere the Solar Empress Picture

This was an old adopt of mine that never got sold on my old account, Oh-So-Kawaii. So I decided to keep her, and give her a back story and all that jazz, I'll upload the original picture soon (ohmygod its so bad)

so BECAUSE i like roleplaying, I'll make her Open for RP

Name: Lumiere Solarii
Age: 4.5 billion years (The age of the sun)
Height: 5'4
Weight: 60 lbs (super light, IK)
Build: Petite
Personality: Wise, Motherly, Sweet, Generous, Soft spoken,
Likes: Singing, Music, Mythology, Spicy Curry, Reading, Helping her people
Dislikes: Ice cream, Loud Noises, Vegetables

Bio: Lumiere is the empress of the Sun kingdom, and has been since the birth of it. The Solen are a peaceful people, and adore their queen. She is the heart of the sun, the life source for it's burning flame, and should she be killed or removed from it, Her people and the sun itself would die and become a cold, lifeless rock. She's very sweet and soft spoken, but is self conscious about her underdeveloped build. She is very protective of those she cares about, and is a loyal friend to all who cross her~

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