Anput my design Picture

Again this is my own spin on a character from egyptian mythology. This is Anput who is the wife and his female aspect, she is the mother of Kebechet and the reason most people don't know about her is because she only appears in the 17th nome of the mythology. Well I decided to put my own twist on it and the reason she's so young is something along the line of her being unhinged from time and so she lost her god form and was reduce to be reincarnated continueslly until her curse is broken by decendents of the great pharohs. So in the story I'm working on she has no memory of her past life and so she unknowingly gets thrown into the same quest as Sadie and Carter Kane to defeat the evil snake who wants to eat the sun.

Remeber my friends this is for the Rick Riordan series the Kane chronicles so if you don't understand the whole picture of her kissing Carter it's a scene from a fanfiction I'm trying to work out. Well enjoy my friends!
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