Children of the Sky: The Tale of Two Gods Picture

In this comic I take the entire mythology of the Pokemon world and turn it into my own thing, developing upon an already existing world. This work will include a LOT of world building and LOTS of head canons! I hope you all enjoy!

Here's the summary:
Leon Silvus (known by friends as Zephyr), born and raised in Sinnoh's countryside, starts his Pokemon journey after moving to Johto a few years prior to the beginning of the story. By his first day his dreams of becoming a champion are crushed and he finds himself knee deep into the ancient practices of Johto's people. When the League contacts him and wants him to join the fight against Team Rocket, things don't go as expected.

Leon defies his duties and is forced to embark on the adventure of a lifetime after promptly running away from the League. Will he and his Pokemon survive everything the Pokemon world throws at him? Will he challenge the Pokemon League in his own way, or will his life become that of a fugitive?

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Chapter 1: Eclipse!
I did it! My Nuzlocke has a COVER now!! I'm so proud!!
Now, this thing has a looooot of info for the whole comic if you look hard enough, so it SHOULD warrant the same importance as an update (if not more).

I've had the idea for this cover for a while, and I FINALLY got it done! It took a month to draw on and off because of school and college stuff.

Oh, that, and my computer broke so I had to start over art-program-wise.
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