Lugh, Irish god of all skills Picture

In the Irish spirit of St. Patrick's day (I know, I'm late).
Maybe next year I'll actually draw someone who has any relation
to St. Patrick, who knows. Maybe Crom Cruach?

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An Irish warrior god presiding over the sun, storms, war and skill, who lead the gods of
Ireland, the Tuatha Dé Danann, against the aboriginal beings known as Fomorians.
Lugh was the grandson of the Fomorian leader, Balor, known for having an evil eye
that could destroy all who gazed upon it. Upon hearing a prophecy that he would be
killed by his own grandson, Balor imprisons his only daughter in a tower, but she later
becomes pregnant of one of her father's enemies, the god Cian. The fomorian princess
gave birth to triplets, who Balor tried to kill by drowning. Only Lugh survived, and was
rescued by the fairy Biróg and left to the care of his uncle, the smiting god Goibniu.
As a grown man, Lugh travelled to the court of the king of the Tuatha Dé Danann,
Nuada of the Silver Arm, who lead the gods after the defeat of their previous leader
Dagda. He offers his skills to the court as a warrior, musician, farmer, smith and many
other occupations, but is refused each time as they already have a god with that skill.
He then asks if they have someone with all those skills, and is finally accepted after
having his abilities tested. He leads the group later in battle against the Fomorians
alongside the king, who is then killed by Lugh's own grandfather, Balor. Lugh fires a
magical stone with a slingshot in Balor's eye, finally killing the monster king, avenging
the death of his brothers and companions and finally ending the long war. He became
the new king, and ruled over them for forty prosperous years. His legacy continued
even after his death, as the father of one of Ireland's greatest heroes, the demigod
Cú Chulainn. He also possessed many magical items, such as the Gae Assail, a spear
that always hit its target and returned flying to its owner's hand, Areadbhar, a spear
that ignited itself when not submerged on water, and an unnamed spear that granted
him promised victory in all battles.
...Why haven't anyone made a movie out of his story yet? This is so good!
Anyway... Been wanting to draw him for a long time.

The idea was to make a Cú Chulainn 2.0, a buffer, manlier and more super sayan
version of him. He's holding Balor's eye, a slingshot, and a lightning spear of sorts,
as supposedly thunderstorms were attributed to him battling against Balor in the
sky or something like that. I imagine him materializing his weapons from his solar
halo, having an unlimited amount of powerful weapons and tools for use whenever
he needs. Cool stuff.

But well, that's it from me.
Hope you liked it! See you guys next time!
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