+Icarus+ Picture

Years ago, there was a man that strove to be as one of the gods, and because of his transgression, was punished. He was thrown from the highest mountain and as he fell, the blackbirds of the dead begged the dieties for mercy on the man. The gods listened to the pleas of the blackbirds and cast the man's body into that of a crow's, where he could sing his lament for eternity.

Lyre as he is cast from the mountain and surrounded by the crows...yeah, I don't know where this came from either. @[email protected];; ~miuu and I were talking a while back about what if Lyre used to be a guy and I finally got around to drawing this when I found a pose that screamed "DRAW ME AS LYRE HOR!!" .___.;;

Note: Icarus was the guy that had his wax wings melted off when he flew too close to the sun and fell into the ocean in Greek mythology. I thought the title was appropriate for Lyre, since he made a big mistake too.
Lyre and art (c) ~Dragonrain
Sky: =resurgere
Crows: stolen off my Aeon manip cause I was lazy.
Pose: [link]
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