Ethiops Picture


Breed: *special* Glower Equ

Name: Ethiops

Meaning: Greek name meaning "flashing." In mythology, this is the name of one of the horses of the Sun.

Color: black and red

Mane, Tale: black, red, dark red

Eyes: red

Age: 3 years

Sire: Glowmaster

Dam: Chemicals React


History: Born and raised at the small but growing Equ farm that belongs to Kate Fitz, Ethiops was always the calm type but also very independent. He always tried to ween himself before he was ready, and is always cleaver and sneaky. He'll rob you of the contents from your pockets before you can even blink, and he'll be sure you'll work to get your property back, sometimes dropping it in his water bucket, or leave it at the other side of his paddock. He just recently matured and became the age to breed. Like his dam, he has high hopes of bringing money to the farm.



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