Mana Helios Picture

Mana Helios is a female cybernetic magician that controls the power of both fire and light. She was a 16 year old girl died in an accident. She was revived by an organization that holds both technology and magic. The scientists made her into a cyborg as a part of a project. She lost all of her memories after a tragedy. Her real name was Mina Haruka but, the organization gave her a code name Mana Helios to keep her true identity. The name "Helios" was originated from the Greek mythology as the God of Sun. She can disguise herself from her human form to a cybernetic form using her technological necklace. She is cute, very strong, fast and kind-heartened magician. She is much, much stronger than any other cybernetic types. She has the power to protect humanity from evil cybernetic types that controls dark power to destroy the world. I took this image from the Google Image on the Internet as Dark Magician Girl then I edited her in Photoshop CS5 to become more different than her that was not Dark Magician Girl. I made this last June 22, 2010 until now. Her true cybernetic form was a DRAGON.
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