Apollo the Greek Wolf Picture

Apollo the Greek Wolf

Apollo's Physical Info:

*Birthplace: Greece
*Current Residence: He’s a drifter, so he goes everywhere, hot or cold.
*Species: Wolf
*Gender: Male
*Height: 6 feet.
*Weight: Average Weight.
*Current Age: 20 Years Old
*Date of Birth: June 1, 1995
*Physical Appearance:

-Brown/Sand colored fur mostly.
-Hair is a mess.
-Long hair.
-Gold/amber/yellow eyes, they tend to glow at night and in bright lights.
-White furry chest and stomach and down.
-He has three toes on his feet and under his feet are sometimes dark brown colors.
-Sharp teeth with noticeable fangs.

*Body Structure: thin, his fur may make him look average.
*Clothing: Mostly a red simple loincloth, however he sometimes wears a purple shirt, red pants, and black sock-like shoes.
*IQ/Intelligence: Very intelligent.
*Hobbies and Interests: Traveling, survivalist, and male stripper. fav.me/d6hlsa7 & fav.me/d7unmu6
*Strengths: He can find anything if he puts his mind to it and steal anything if he puts his mind to it.
*Weapons: Two handmade knives.
*Dislikes: Being made fun of.
*Favorite Color: Yellow

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