Pawns of Gods: Quetzal and Teramisu Picture

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Two more pawns. Both are the king pawns for their rightful pawntheons.

Quetzal is Quetzalcoatl's pawn. He's one of the tallest pawns. He's a huge hugger and cares greatly about his friends. Both he and Jove get along greatly, especially with their shared abilities in controlling the weather. His ability to turn into a large feathered serpent makes him the ideal friend and a nightmarish foe.

Teramisu is Amaterasu's pawn. She's very polite and gets along well with many other pawns. Teramisu tends to treat Jove like a mother. She, like Rey, is capable of using the power of the sun. Along with the sun, she can also use a sword given to her by her maker. It's said to be so sharp that it can cut time itself.
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