Earth and Moon Picture

How I simply LOVE the works of this woman!

Though "Mother Earth" and "Moon" aren´t depicted here as mother and daughter, I still like to deal with the bonds that bind them and as much ( I dare to guess ) her and all the other Galaxy Girls altogether - fanart/fictionally, of course; so it must not be inferred as being part of the actual mythology and characters related and created by Ms Faust.
In fact, I fear to ruin if I go too far with with my usual babble about everything and whatnot.


"Mother Earth" is Ms. Faust a.k.a., not an actual character( at least, not yet, because she already meant about it once )of hers - however, I didn´t resisted to add this fanfictinal take, as much I dared to give it someway... a part, to herself their author.
Because, if I wondered( that´s fanfictional, once again )that the Galaxy Girls could be from several ages, from where could be elder ones like
Jupiter or Sun, to younger ones, like Venus, maybe;

For so, though, if "Mother Earth" would be the actually adult one from them, and who supposedly she saw/watched for all of the others grow, and even, was( and certainly still is )an important person in their lives, no matter if she´s not the actual mother of any of the Galaxy Girls.

Time to rethink the Laws of Universal Gravity, maybe... ?


That was the way I could "put" Lauren( or, at least, a subtle alter ego, fanfictionally speaking )into what, by the end, is her own creation, afterall - because she actually created all of them, and was the real responsible to what they became, and so certainly, for what they would went to be.

Nothing of this is official, neither is intended to be; that´s just fan rendition.

But don´t ask me why I chosen to do a tribute JUST by this way; though I just still wish that this whole thing I´m babbling here and whereabouts wouldn´t do any harm to her creation, which I´m supposed to be doing just a nice( I hope so ), and even thankful tribute, like was just said.

As I wanted to do so, just because I am just a fan"artist" with some overactive so-called "imagination" - and with a serious, and I mean SERIOUS weakness for cute tendershipness and so forth; but I´m sure you already noticed it.


"Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls" characters( Moon, Mother Earth )were created by and belong to Lauren Faust.
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