King of Solitude Picture

My final design for Darkhart in the pony-verse. This is my story not cannon to the show obviously. He is of a race called 'Elders' older than Tia and Luna, He is one of three of the Elders. There was a Elder for Life and Death which is Darkhart, one for Chaos and Harmony and one for Sun and moon. Together they watched the ponies below their realm only helping when they felt it was necessary. Darkhart is the only one alive of his siblings now but the others did bare children. Voleite the Queen of Chaos and Harmony created to Discord and Erosia the King of the Sun and Moon created Tia and Luna. I'd like to think they didn't give birth like normal ponies or humans more like how Zues 'gave birth' to Athena out of his head in Greek Mythology.
But like i said that's just a story i made up.
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