To Leave the Moon Picture

Moon I'll dance for you.
I'll dance around the sky.
To spread our love across the world,
And serve your living joys.

But please don't linger long, dear moon,
For though my light is bright,
I cannot shine forever
Without you by my side.

So see the children safe to sleep,
Chase danger far away.
But hurry Moon, please hurry,
To chase the break of day.

Ta-da! It's a gryphon! More particularly, it's the sun deity gryphon. I once came up with a mythology concerning gryphons and their beliefs, and the first (and so far only) myth I came up with was the creation of the sun and moon. The first male and female gryphon absorb the life spark, which fills them with light. They decide to share the lights since the world is dark and fly around the world for the rest of time. This picture is of the sun as he leaves his mate to fly forever, only meeting with her at eclipses. So he's a little sad about that.

I did this piece for a contest Cottondragon is holding. The only requirement is that it must be inspired by this
song. And that is what inspired this drawing. I listened to that song over 80 times while drawing and coloring this... that's how long it took me. Only when I was mostly done coloring it did I realize he could be the sun gryphon of my little myth, so that's why he's titled as he is.

Drawn in Prismacolor pencils on smooth bristol. I did edit it a bit in photoshop, mainly using the smudge tool, but I didn't mess with the gryphon!

So yeah, art (c) me, poem (c) me. I wrote it!
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