Old Mary-Sue OC's revisited Picture

lol they're all neopet furries D:

I promised I'd do this forever ago but w/e.

Cassie: "All the guys want her" sue
Zaferina: "Ditzy clumsy girl" sue
Mel: "Gamer girl" sue
Kimmie: "Cute little girl" sue
Sweet Pea: "Generic mom character" sue
Kealley: "Ridiculous name + artist" sue
Daiylee: "Ridiculous name + pirate-girl-breaking-gender-roles" sue
Pandora: "Greek mythology name + beautiful princess" sue
April: "Depressed girl" sue
October: "Depressed boy" sue
Rising Sun: "Fallen angel" sue
Tom: "Generic boy" sue

These guys lasted from... 3rd to 6th grade? Yeah.
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