Creation Story Picture

Some fan art, what?

I actually really like Animal Jam's creation concept, and the whole character of Zios/Mira. When AJ first started, the story went that Zios (the Sky Father) created the stars and the sun and the world and all that, but then got lonely and created Mira (a gray heron known as a sort of divine mother figure for the animals in Jamaa), whom he soon fell in love with. The story since has changed, but I think this version is a little meatier and closer to ancient mythology- which I believe it was supposed to model in the first place just with how Animal Jam used to be and the characters of Zios and Mira. So, a while ago I thought 'hey, wouldn't it be cool to draw a sort of darker creation of Mira, considering her origin was originally (hah) spawned from loneliness rather than what it is now'. And here we are.

On another note, with all of the Mira stuff that can be purchased it kind of makes me think of AJ religion and it being really cult-like to an outsider within the realm of fictional stories. Even more so with all the phantom worship? I mean, they're supposed to be the personification of evil, so why is there all of this memorabilia for them? It's very strange, I almost want to write a story about how the animals of Jamaa are crazed cultists haha. I know I'm reading too much into this.
Anyway, here's some art
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