Horus Picture

Look, I drawed something I am proud of c: I put in details that link back to his mythology. For example, you can see the Sun in his right eye and the Moon in his left eye which is a link back to the myth that when Horus flies across the sky, from east to west, in his falcon form, it changes from Day to Night or Night to Day; and it was said that the Sun was in his right and the Moon was in his left. When in a battle with Set (His Brother/Uncle and Arch Enemy) his left eye was gouged out, but Khonsu, the god of the Moon, created him a new eye, which is why the Moon is dimer than the Sun. He has many interesting tales but if you read the Egyptian Myths, just a fair warning, they tend to be very dark.
So yeah, I'm proud xD

All (c) Me

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