Inyan and Maka Picture

Íŋyaŋ ( Rock) creating Makȟá-akáŋl ( Earth ) he used his blue blood to make her and after he was finished he lost all his power.
He made humans, the sun ( Wi, you see him behind Makha akanl) and the Moon. I figured Id make 3 in one image.
I looked for a girl through many faces, and found this face to be best. Personally I prefer natural beauty free from cosmetic enhancements (to each their own, it's my opinion) when representing celestial things even if they aren't that perfect. I try to vary body types too. Used myself as Inyan changed the face added more bulk etc. I also tried to show him as an asteroid with out the pock marks often seen on asteroids, meteors etc, since he shouldn't be blemished by said accidents that happen often in space with trailing debris and what not.
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