Top 13 Myths That Would Be Solid Pokemon Picture

I'm back with a new Meme to fill out.

Today's topic revolves around mythology and Pokémon.

There have been many myths that have made great Pokémon that have existed so far, but there are many more that have yet to be discovered.

Today, I will go over at least 13 mythological deities that I think would work as Pokémon.

13. Cerberus
Cerberus is a three-headed dog of Greek Mythology who guards the gates of the Underworld. It would make a great Pseudo-Legendary Dark Type, since it can be very frightening in appearance depending on how it is designed. I decided to picture the one portrayed in Disney's Hercules as an example on what a Cerberus Pokémon should look like, Legendary or not.

12. Griffin
A Griffin is a mythological beast said to have the body, tail, and back legs of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and an eagle's talons as its' front legs. Since lions and eagles were traditionally considered kings of beasts and birds respectively, the Griffin was said to be an all powerful and majestic creature. I can picture it being Ground/Flying, since Griffins are said to guard treasure and priceless possessions.

11. Alicorn
At first I considered using a Pegasus, but the idea of an Alicorn Pokémon sounds way too cool to look aside. It would work very well as a Mega Evolution to Rapidash, but also, as a standalone Legendary or Pseudo-Legendary. The only problem would be trying to get around Hasbro's trademarks, though. I used Twilight Sparkle to represent how a Pseudo-Legendary could work. It would be a unicorn for most of its' life, until it proves itself worthy by evolving at an insanely high level, higher than Hydreigon, just because good things come to those who wait. The final stage would obviously be part Flying, but Psychic or Fairy should be the primary Type.

10. Bogeyman
The Bogeyman is a figure many of us have feared as little children. This can work as a trolling Ghost/Dark Type who goes around keeping little kids awake at night. I've used Oogie Boogie as my interpretation of a Bogeyman Pokémon, since he is known to be rather scary and dangerous to those who fear him worse.

9. Leprechaun
A Leprechaun is a fairy in Irish folklore. They are usually portrayed as little men who wear green, play tricks on others, and hide gold in a magical pot at the end of a rainbow. If one were to find it, the Leprechaun can grant him/her three wishes in exchange for its' freedom. This is obligatory and a must for a region based off Ireland, which could do with a ton of recognition, even though it does have a lot in other areas. There are some great Irish mythological deities that would make astounding Pokémon, honestly speaking, but the Leprechaun stands out most to me, since Grass/Fairy can work well for a mythological Pokémon, especially for a masculine fae.

8. Medusa
Medusa is a fearsome female deity of Greek Mythology who petrifies her victims to stone if they gaze upon her face. I would have loved to see this as an evolution to Mawile, but I'm just as happy with Mega Mawile. A Medusa Pokémon should be Dark/Fairy, with access to Glare in its' movepool, along with a signature attack that completely petrifies Pokémon.

7. Vampire
A very well-known myth from the horror/romance genre. A Vampire Pokémon could be Dark/Poison, since they can leech off a person's supply of blood. It should have an Ability that hurts it badly while it's Sunny, but powers up it's attacks in darker weather conditions, like Hail or Rain.

6. Gnome
A humanoid figure who lives deep underground. I imagine a Gnome Pokémon being a Grass/Ground Type, since they not only live underground, but they are typically associated with gardening. I would imagine it being a supportive mon that knows moves like Rototiller and Leech Seed.

5. Werewolf
This is a perfect mythological monster to make a Pokémon out of for Sun and Moon, Game Freak! To be fair, werewolves are humans who are often cursed to become one on a full moon, as seen in most cartoons. It would be an obligatory Dark Type, but I can also see it becoming part Normal or Fighting for the human aspects.

4. The Flying Dutchman
I used the one we all would know about from good ol' SpongeBob SquarePants to show what I think a Flying Dutchman Pokémon should have some influence from. It would no doubt be Water/Ghost, since the Flying Dutchman is also the name of a sinister ghost ship that sails the oceans. It can be taken Up to Eleven if we mix in the Bermuda Triangle into its' mythology somewhere along the line.

3. The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper is an undead figure who wears a menacing cloak and wields a mighty scythe. It would make a fantastic Dark/Ghost Type with strong physical Attack and Sp. Atk, especially if it has its' signature held item, which is the Reaper's scythe. It could even have an Ability that directs all magic-based attacks to it. It would be more powerful from Ghost and Dark moves, but still immune to Psychic, and take super effective damage from Fairy moves.

2. Minotaur
I have always wanted this to be a reality ever since a false rumour surfaced up in X & Y. Fighting/Fairy would be ideal, as to not only introduce more mythological-driven Fairy Types, but to also have diversity and some form of aversion in Fairy stereotypes. We could do with more masculine fae in the Pokémon universe, though. I imagine it being a Pseudo-Legendary to have variety into earning a powerful late-game Pokémon.

1. The Devil
Although we already have Giratina, but at the same time, we can do with one that makes a proper Pokémon antagonist in the movies, unless Giratina debunks this in its' next major movie role. I decided to use Chernabog as a solid example on how the Devil Pokémon should look like in order to be the most fearsome, powerful, and evil being in the Pokémon universe, even more so than Hoopa Unbound or Darkrai could dream of. Dark/Fire is the most obligatory type combo for him.

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