Cronus: final Picture

Finished work for SFP Anime Club's contest theme "Time"

I feel like explaining myself (or my work) today so here goes...

The overgrown tapeworm is Cronus. If I'm not mistaken, the name's from the Greek mythology. Cronus is actually one of the Titans, the God of time and the father of the Greek Gods including Zeus.
Ok enough with the Greek stuff, the circle thingie with the green glass or something is supposed to be some kind of a wormhole (so the arch is a stony time machine). Well, the idea is that he (Cronus) "swims and guards the fabric of time."
Now, the red haired guy is... umm... I dunno either. I just figured that the whole thing would be a lot cooler if someone is bravely standing in front of such a huge monster. If you're not satisfied with that, just assume that the guy somehow wants to enter the wormhole.
About the stone standing in front of the green guy... it's supposed to be a sun dial. Why did I put it there? You know, stir up the whole "time" feel in the drawing (ugghhh, what a hopeless alibi).
The glowing thing in the hands of the guy is a watch. It's purpose is basically the same as the sun dial. To make it more believable, I just assume that it's the key to open the time machine. yeah...

When I drew this, I definitely don't have any idea what I was working on but the idea that I have to draw something that involves time. When it was finished, it seemed senseless. Maybe that's the reason why I wanted to explain it.

Bottom line is... I hope you like it.
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