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So I rambled on about Hades before, if he's my favorite greek god this guy is my favorite celtic god. (If not my favorite god period) Lugh Lampada, I adore this guy. So here we have a picture of him with his daughter (My own character) Anabeth. See Lugh here is a champion of the Tuatha and the father of one of the greatest celtic heroes of all time Cu Chulian. He is a wize god, a master of all trades and an adviser to the kind of the Tuatha. While I love Hades for being a lovely little woobie Lugh is the kinda character you wish was your dad (meanwhile your actual dad is probably more like Dagda but whatever) Lugh is powerful and skilled but at heart, he's a kind soul. That's not to say he hasn't ever lost his temper. His father was murdered by a rival family and when he found the killers as per celtic law he was allowed to choose their fee (they would either pay the fee or be executed if I recall) and out of anger, he gave them an impossible list of cruel tasks. The three men ultimately die completing all the tasks even after Lugh regreted the punishment he gave and told them they could stop.

Generally though he's a pretty nice level headed guy. He a caring person who only fights to protect those he cares for and the causes he believes in. A character who epitomized the values of his culture. Now I will say thanks to a roman ruler way back when everyone and their grandmother's monkey's uncle seems to think he's a sun god. He's not >.> you see this roman guy when learning about the celtic gods figured "Well we worship the same gods as the Greeks and they just called them by different names so these must also be the same gods" So in his attempts to match Celtic deities to roman ones he associated a number of characters with things they totally had nothing to do with. Like associating Lugh with Helios (those two characters literally have nothing in common beyond like one story which compares Lugh's radiance to the sun) Come to think of it I wonder how that guy explained the Morrigain who at best would maybe be like a gender bent Ares with maybe a bit of Eris mixed in.

Celtic mythology is my favorite but I feel frustrated posting stuff about it because not many people are familiar with it and in some cases I might have to explain a lot to provide context. It's not like Greek where I can just post up a greek god and people are like "Yeah I know who that guy is" Like I don't need to explain who Hades is you all know him in some form. But I imagine a lot of you guys don't know who Luhg is. well here's his Wikipedia page for what it's worth

I'll say another thing about writing stories with celtic gods is unlike Greek gods who are totally immortal and will always be around. Celtic faeries can actually die and do surprisingly often. Not of old age, they don't grow old, but they can be killed just about as easily as human, and I've found some articles that say Lugh was killed a long time ago but I refuse to believe it.
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