Hati, Fetch! [WIP] Picture

MAJOR EDIT: Fixed the mistake with Hati and Skoll's names. According to the Eddas, Hati chases the moon while Skoll chases the sun.

Yes... err, so, this is my impression of the wolf that chases the moon in the Norse mythology. This one would be called Hati Hróðvitnisson. But this particular form of the moon-chaser wolf is also inspired a bit by the World of Warcraft model of a spirit beast... but he is called Skoll, and that would actually be the brother of Hati. Skoll is a blue saber worg found in Storm Peaks in Northrend and is considered one of the first spirit beasts not to be feline in looks. But my drawing of Skoll is not the copy of the Skoll in the game, it's only a little inspired by it... my Skoll has different colours, more attuned to the sun that he chases. The lightning crackling around the body of the wolf and the saberteeth are inspired by the Skoll in the game, but the rest is added by me. And I intend to colour this with watercolour pencils, as well. As for the letters in the bottom right corner, no, they're not runes. Just a rune-ified form of your usual letters. I just thought that this would be a little more convenient than runes. For now.
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