Contest Entry Picture

Entry for [link] 's contest. This is cartoon Beast Boy and Arella depicted as Sun Wukong and Guan Yin from Chinese mythology.

Sun Wukong's page on GodChecker: [link]
Guan Yin's page on GodChecker: [link]

Now, I know that Beast Boy never actually encountered Arella in the show but I thought that she would fit the image of Guan Yin best, since both are known to be compassionate figures. And also, who better to play the part of the mischevious, shape-shifting Monkey King than the equally mischevious, also shape-shifting Beast Boy?

The coloring was done on Photoshop and MSPaint but didn't really come out as well as I had hoped it would. The cloud, sky, and Guan-Yin's halo were also rushed due to time constraints but I do feel that this came out quite well. The poses were inspired by a Journey to the East graphic novel that I own.

Beast Boy and Arella are both property of DC Comics and Warner Brothers studios.
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