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I wanted to try a fake screenshot again for stress relief and a distraction for the cold I have right now. It's nothing special but I do like it. Ho-Oh is talking with Prince Solgaleo, the son of the Solgaleo he raised when he was merely a Cosmog.
I mentioned this plotline in my story before, but it was only for that set of comic pages I did. It's very complicated, and all of the elements in my legendary Pokemon story have some kind of cannon backing or mythology source. Ho-Oh's subplot is based a lot of information about the Unown and basically exists to tie together the Ultra Beasts now that Sun and Moon has screwed with everything. I'm going to spoil it all below so if you just want to figure it out as I draw it I would skip to the comments.

Ho-Oh is based off of the actual god Houou, who is a phoenix. Phoenix are known to be reborn, and this is the big problem that traps Ho-Oh.
In the ensuing fight against the humans Lugia is injured very early on and can't escape. Ho-Oh refuses to leave his side, and the two become vulnerable. They have all the power in the world to fight back, but risk burning the entire region to the ground. For the five hundred humans fighting them there's a few thousand more living in the village below, and if they attack it would be a mass slaughter. They're also both pacifists to an extent, and it leads to their downfall. Long story short, Ho-Oh sustains life threatening injuries from a brutal attack and Lugia demands he leave and find solitude somewhere else. After some guilt tripping Ho-Oh leaves, intended to head north and inform Arceus that Lugia has been left alone. He doesn't make it, and falls short at the Sinjoh Ruins.
He ends up passing without proper medical attention, but at first this doesn't seem to be a problem. However, because he is born of an Unown's power and is tied to them in every way, he ends up being reborn- in the Unown's universe. This is because when Unown "die" they return back to the universe and are reincarnated. Ho-Oh ends up trapped there for many years because he lacks the power to walk through dimensions, and none of the other Johto legends are aware that's where he resides.
Inside the Unown universe time is not a thing, it doesn't exist. Ho-Oh spends his time in limbo and gets the stitch on the situation regarding the Ultra Beasts, the Unown's natural enemies. He's the first legend to be made aware of the other timeline where the Legends failed to protect the regions and the Ultra Beasts killed everybody, but he can do nothing with this information. He just waits. And waits.
And then came Prince Solgaleo, capable of walking through worlds and finding trapped birdies squawking on about a future genocide.

Sounds like a crack fic, but that's solely because I haven't really released much info on the story. Other pieces will fall into place when I get to them.
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