Prolouge- A New Discovery Picture

1986. A team of soldiers & military soldiers are sent on an expedition to the Sahara Desert for scientific research. When the choppers arrive, they are brought down by a flying tree, causing them to crash in the desert. The lead soldier demands an explanation! It turns out, the research they are going for is of an ancient beast of legends, dubbed "the hydra." A mythological creature of Greek, but the researcher beleives the one that's in Egypt is said to be the largest specimen of the Hydra ever! Said to harness the power of the sun, titslf, with the name- HydRa (pronounced "Hide-Raw")! But it turns out, this was a young one & wasn't done growing! The soldiers fight greatly, but the creature demolishes them like toys. Soon, the creature goes off to find a new place to hibernate, where it will finish growing for the next few decades until it is full grown! Reeady to awaken once more! But, where he chose to sleep will become the home of one of the most notorious of man ever! The home..... of Devoltstadt!
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