Skoll | 2016 Picture

[11.12.2016] He has a name! Slightly influenced by my choice with my other cursie, this guy has a name from norse mythology as well (and from another pair of creatures that now isn't complete). Another thing is, I thought about his backstory a bit more and now he has a connection with my other cursie, Munin.
[06.12.2016] I'm not sure of his character and name yet, might change, I'll sketch and try around later and decide what I like best. And hope to find a name, of course. But I have to sleep now, hrmph

Design Notes

- runes and moonstones (gems) can glow
- the thing around his leg is of the same material as the gems on his real (skeleton) form (moonstone)

| Skoll |
In norse mythology Skoll and his twin brother Hati hunt the sun and moon (it's not sure who hunts which so I went with Skoll) in hope of devouring them. On the day of Ragnarök they will catch their prey.

x male
x cursed-dog (a closed species by @/Amar0q)
x stone-type (moonstone)
x beaten to death
x very old, meaning he has been a cursed-dog for a long, long time

- resourceful
- stubborn
- rejects rules
- self-preservational
- proud
- determined
- fierce
- mocking
- persistent
- missing a lot of empathy
- holds grudges for a long time and often demands revenge even by attacking kin or other immoral ways

T h e m e

Art and Character by Neeyr
Closed Species by @/Amar0q
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