Ursa, the Night Deus (Cheshire Sprites) Picture

This is Ursa, the Night Deus. A deus is a deity or superior being in the Cheshire sprite lore. In their mythology, Ursa is the night Deus, he brings night time, and sweet dreams. When the Deus of the dead, Muerto, takes the souls of the dead, he gives them to Ursa, so that he can make them into stars. When the moon eclipses itself, it a sign of Ursa being unhappy, or heart broken.

Brother: Apollo, Deus of the Sun
Parents: N/A
Offspring: Muerto, Deus of the Dead and Raptrue, Deus of parties.

Unlike his brother Apollo, he cares much about the fates of the Cheshire Sprites, and will occasionally visit different kingdoms, in disguise.

So adding some lore into my Group:

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