Kitsune Tarot: 0 - The Fool Picture

Well, I've been wanting to make a tarot deck for years, however never fully understood the symbolism behind each card. I've been studying it a lot recently, and my graphic design teacher suggest I make a set of cards to use for my portfolio prep class/portfolio! After a bit of thinking, I decided a kitsune tarot would be fun, since I haven't seen any fox-themed decks out there yet. I also received an invite from a company saying that they'd gladly publish my deck when complete- wow!

Here is The Fool. It's a period of anything's possible, starting out on one's journey. Everything the Fool could need on his journey is in the bag he holds within his jaws on an oak rod (oak is a sign of strength and transformation), and a lobster is emerging from the river to clamp on his tail, warning him of the dangers that may loom ahead. But the Fool is blessed by both Sun and Moon (or God and Goddess in the Wiccan religion). There are also a pair of dice sitting next to the pebbles, indicating the willingness to take chances and learn from them, and the four elements- Fire (the volcano to the east of the fox), Water (the river and lake), Wind (the butterfly and yellow swirls to the right of the picture), and Earth (the ground on which the fox stands and the young deer skull). The path that the fox has walked is patchwork shades of grey, indicating that life is not black nor white, but varying shades of either.

Some of you may be going, "But this fox has no multiple tails like the kitsune of legend!" Kitsune - the word- is simultaneous with 'fox', and not everyone thinks of 'fox' when they hear 'kitsune', thinking instead of the multitailed fox spirits of Japan. Kitsune- fox spirits- are actually pancultural, and you can find their myths even in Celtic mythology, though under different names.

Lastly, the tarot will be done entirely in Prisma markers (the other option having been CG, but since I have a month to produce 8 more cards....
Kitsune Tarot (c) CD Steele
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