This is my Poke'mon trainer OC. Her name means Japanese name composed of the elements ama "heaven, sky" and terasu "to shine," hence "shining over heaven." In mythology, this is the name of a sun goddess who rules the heavens.
Japanese name meaning "one thousand springs."

Her personality: kind hearted, brave, serious at times, scattered brained.

Her team right now: two Riolus, a gravler, a floatzel, and a Luxray.

She has a lot more poke'mon but thats my little secret, haha!!>3


The background is sorta a mixture of lots of elements.

The moon stands for space. the mountains are for ground/rock. The water is very easy to know. The ground that shes standing on is for grass. The sun are for fire. The clouds are for lightning and flying, I guess.
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