Diente Hai Cobriana Picture

for Imperius-Rex who requested a LONG TIME AGO to draw Hai as a "warrior queen". Essentially as the Diente to the serpiente.

I know I tend to draw her in more flowy clothing but I really do think this is something more her taste. It was pretty tricky picking out colors but I mostly stuck to colors that fit her general appearance in addition to adding "Cobriana colors" on the edges of her tunic. And the edges of her tunic aren't even truly black, it's a very very deep shade of red. So maybe that could be Hai's way of still denying her serpiente blood while still fulfilling her role as Diente. It's really up to however you wish to interpret that. P: I just knew that if I made that color too dark, her hair wouldn't show up. so the reason isn't really as symbolic as you'd think.

I did include a slim blade at her waist, very similar to Tavisan's. However instead of gold, it has silver fittings, a wyvern etched into the sheath, some garnet and black onyx stones, a black opal, and a two serpents twisting around the handle to form the pommel. I also tried to balance out the warmer tones and the cooler ones, adding bits of bronze to balance out the silver.

The lotus is there because it's a symbol of the sun and in Ancient Persia, the lotus represented purity. It's a common symbol in Iranian mythology. There are also insignias on her tunic, one of a wyvern, one of a falcon, and one of a cobra.

There's just a lot of subtleties and intricacies here, it would be difficult to explain them all. So draw your own conclusions. tbh i am pretty stressed out and i had a lot of doubts with this drawing but it did turn out pretty close to how i imagined it to look.

ok that's pretty much all i wanted to say i'm gonna go fall off the face of the earth again.

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