The Oracle-Delphi Picture

It is who it is. It is Sumaya.

This can be taken in 2 ways

Way 1) Remember how Sonic and the Secret Rings had all the characters from the Sonicverse be the Arabian Knights characters? Think about if it was Ancient Greek Mythology and Sumaya is the Oracle of Delphi.

Way 2) Sumaya looses it and become Delphi. She would be emotionless and she would just be constantly trapped in viewing the past and the future for anyone who cracks her mind. Her hair was originally short but the usage of her powers causes her hair to grow out to the point where it's touching the ground. Great for a security system instead of cameras.

She wears the bandages so she doesn't see the present. She just sees the past (even 1 minute into the past) and the future.
The sun on her outfit is because Apollo was the God for the Oracle of Delphi aside from the Sun and the Muses. (there's a list of what he's the God of)

Delphi/Sumaya belongs to me. Please do not use this picture or her with out my permission. It is digital watermarked aside from the Deviantart watermark
Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to Sega and it's respective creators.
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