Xul'Uggae Tiamattu (WIP) Picture

Edit: Now a WIP due to constructive feedback.

C’thun Reborn. So much so he has a new name!

Xul'Uggae ina Tiamattu (C’thun’s new name!) (Sumerian for Evil God of Death in the Abyss...literal translation) (Xul’Uggae for short), is probably my most malleable and inconsistently drawn out of any of my monsters every new design by myself and every request/fanart by different artists has a tendency to share certain traits yet look completely different from the last. All things considered, boy has he had a rough history of development.

Unlike some of my other monsters his origin was completely in KAS, back in my pre-Admin, Pre-AWP days when everything was up for grabs everyone doing one thing, everyone having their monster be the sole cause of the Dinosaur extinction and so on, it was chaos true, but it was a kind of chaos that one could look back and be nostalgic on despite it being worse off than it was now, as any historian can tell you, there was no such thing as the “good ole’ days”.

Anyways, C’thun as he was was my attempt to nab the role of KAS C’thulhu for myself. He was rather barebones, extinction causer with him being 700 or so meters tall. I knew that his power may tip the balance of KAS, so I intentionally sealed him as a setting dressing backstory instead of a full fledged interacting monster. If I recall I heard him being call the “definition of Overpowered” however, *TyrantisTerror and others freaking loved him as he was something that you don’t see often a monster which is to Kaiju what they are to us. So he was granted limited access allowed, but as a sealed evil only to be unleashed at full admin and group approval. I didn’t expect me and my limited knowledge of Lovecraftian themes (at the time) inspired monster to be so well received.

He had one design prior to his KAS debut, which was, essentially, a bipedal squid was coming out of some sort of shelled carapace, nothing special.

His KAS debut however is the design elements which all other designs (except his GM Mk. II design) came from, inspired by loads of other monsters not totally in Lovecraftian origin, mostly from the other contestants in ~RenDragonClaw’s old “What Monster are you” contest which I am saddened that are all put in the backburner or forgotten. So many cool critters from the Winners and more so the Runners Up. Any case, digressing. His design was originally dark-green and black with some light green thrown in for the “tongue tentacles” which was put through a B/W filter as I didn’t like the Colors and there was C’thun. AT THE TIME, he was less powerful than *AkityMH’s own Typhoon (in his current state) or many of the other Rank Six’s that would come in post’AWP. But otherwise, the greatest impact from this time is the basis of his plot with an ancient cult trying to revive him by any means necessary and blessed survivors of his extinctions which he “adopted” to serve some sort of role, one for each geologic Era… the Group that would eventually be named the Arbiters. That raw basis has remained the same until this day with minor adjustments. But C’thun’s greatest boon would be upcoming…

Once I got into the AWP, his title of sealed evil in a can quickly spiraled. He ascended to not just monster of the week, but the Kaiju All Stars, BIG BAD. Needless to say, I’m STILL not used to having that kind of sway in the group. I wasn’t even the first to have a C’thulhu inspired monster! ~The-Great-MM had his own monster for much longer called Q’thulhu, which was one of his major Arc Big Bads, so I can’t believe C’thun had the appeal to the group that he did.( Sure some people may have not liked him, but I haven’t heard much complaints from them.)

After the AWP I and another ( ~SMGstories ) were promoted to Admin. And thus I communicated much more often with the rest of the group and planned events and such, however I got bogged down in much drama in notes and such with a former KAS member who you all should know by now, which finally exploded into dA proper November the Fifth of Last Year. Needless to say, I still regret nothing.

However, during all that C’thun started making considerable gains in power as his size was pressured to grow with his increased role, as was his abilities, and thus we ended with KAS C’thun Mk. II, which was 1.7 Kilometer tall Abomination that dwarfed even Rank Six Kaiju. Mostly the same as the last time, with a load more detail, borrowing designs from Kentauro Muira, H.R. Giger, Lovecraft and others in meshing a true abomination.

C’thun also had two stints in Gaia’s Might, first in Proto-type (AKA Theroverse) where he had a dinosaur shaped skull head, and another where he was a living all consuming, shape shifting, gray amoeba and the Earths permanent delete switch (Mass Extinctions)
Gaia’s Might didn’t last long however, and I am saving C’thun’s more amoebic design (which I love still but need to find a place where its power levels can adequately fit, as holy shit, he is End of Evangelion-tier instantaneous Extinction Event, too powerful for KAS) for some other setting, maybe in my budding plan for my original kaiju fiction as Tiamat or something.

In any case, his design by other artists always seemed to be a mix of any of those designs, with no one design as a pure basis. Which I find in itself Lovecraftian in a sense that much like his Cthulhu, there is no solid interpretation, with many artists and authors over the years doing their own interpretation of his design. I did a few (which I need to update…headcanon dictates it) and so did *TyrantisTerror recently in his Icons of Horror Month as well as a few other artists in our community. Every artist who drew him did their own take in their own style, all of them terrifying and awesome. However, for KAS a consistent design is necessary with my other works I can keep him/it as malleable and in the shadows all I want (Cosmic Horror, you see.) however for KAS it is not a cosmic horror, Atomic Horror or Lovecraft-Lite (Cosmic Horror elements but the heroes ultimately prevailing and nothing is inevitably doomed) at worst but not full blown cosmic horror story.

In a way, C’thun’s history is probably a showcase of notonly KAS’s history, but my own history and raising maturity as an storymaker and artist going from blatant rip offs to gradually and strongly becoming his own original beast. So as such, C”thun deserves a proper design. As well as a new more fitting name. As no longer is he a mere C’thulhu rip off, nay he is now his own beast, and as such he deserves his own name.

So say farewell to KAS C’thun Mk.II

And say hello to KAS Xul’Uggae Mk. I.

His upper body is essentially the same as last update with some minor quirks, his chest “eye” is now a gapping maw with tongue or tub-work like bristles going into his body along with the Eye being made smaller and put directly in his waist/groin area. And I omitted the snapping mouth tentacles in his “head” namely as I’m a lazy bastard and this image was taking too damn long (6+ hours! For the SAI lining!) (Another TWO for writing this memoire!)

His biggest change is his lower body, which I really like. As before hand, he didn’t really have one, and simply sitting on tentacles wasn’t doing the upper body justice. So I decided to give him a tripod-like walker build with some sort of jutting “face” much like a Lovecraftian-inspired Nuckelavee. (Looks like Azani as well…any case it is chilling) So he is lifted high above his victims and walks across the land-scape in a vein that is a beacon of the apocalypse which was inspired greatly by Stephen King’s the Mist (the movie) with the giant, plodding walker near the climax as a show case that yes, this truly is the end of everything if you things THAT BIG walking around. I intended to invoke that image in any case.

The smaller tentacles constantly drip with bio matter, of which transform into the various denizens of the Black Ocean/Nothing/Abzu which come from multiple inspirations such as H.R. Giger (the FATHER of the Xenomorph), Gen Urobuchi (Caster’s Water Demons from Fate/Zero, can’t comment on the Song of Saya as I’ve never seen it, and Madoka tried to pull Cosmic Horror but it was ruined by explaining Thermodynamics), Jungi Ito (Hellstar Remina, Uzumaki, Gyo, etc.), Kinoko Nasu (Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, NOTES…) Chiaki Konaka (Digimon Tamers FTW), Kentauro Muira(Berserk), and other Traditional Lovecraft and Lovecraft inspired Authors as well as Lovecraftian warped Cryptids and some Giger-esq. creations. I’m going to have fun drawing those. These devour and drain enigma from their victims and feast off of flesh.

Along with this biomatter, I feel…Xul’Uggae really, REALLY needs to ramp up his Extinction kills, even if he’s a big walking rage monster, he needs something that can effect a global scale, yet not be too overpowering and gives him yet ANOTHER edge against Kaiju victims… still trying to figure that one out. Thinking of him constantly exhuming thick smoke-like smoke from his body which gradually blots out the sun ALA the theorized reason why mass Volcanic Eruptions and Meteors caused mass-extinctions in IRL such as in the Great Dying or KT Event (also explains why KAS scientists would think the same)

His name change represents his new historic role as he is now tied in with Sumerian Mythology as THE Tiamat. (And before anyone raises a stink, no, Tiamat was not a damn dragon, she had the role of a primordial monster of chaos which, can be interpreted as a Dragon, but nay the Sumerian Dragon and the first, was Kur, get it right.) The original primordial sea-monster, dwelling in the ocean beneath the earth (Abzu) who spawned 10 other monsters if not others including such things as Scorpion-Men, Mer-Man, Dragons, Man-Bulls and others. This, goes hand in hand with my own plans for the Chaoskampf monsters and my plans with Sumerian Mythology, plus Sumerian Mythology IS:

>The Worlds oldest civilization that we have written records of
>The Original Monsters of Chaos
> Has the worlds oldest poetic epic (The Epic of Gilgamesh)
>Is the go to Mythology for Horror (Pazuzu, Borgul, Lililth was derived from this, original vampires…)
>Pretty freaking scary in Cosmic Horror sense
>Had or helped inspire Dagon (As Babylonian Myths derive from Sumerian ones)
>A few others

I have been all over these changes in the KAS General Chat (which if any members miss, should check around daily, there usually is something going on.) So him being now tied in heavily with Sumerian Mythology should not come as a shock, nor should his name or my plans for Sumerian Mythology.

In any case, it is a new era for an old ‘friend’ he is a changed monster.

Ia! Ia! Xul’Uggae! Ina! Tiamattu!

P.S. Also his name is given to him modern day, as no one really knows its true name hence why its Sumerian.)

P.P.S. Also I supposed the Esoteric Order of C’thun needs a more fitting cult name, EoC was such a good abbreviation too. Esoteric Order of Sumerian Priests perhaps…

P.P.P.S. Arbiters shouldn’t be much affected by this change.

P.P.P.P.S. Oh God, I still don't know the colors. *dreads the eventual coloring process*

P.P.P.P.P.S. Comments are appreciated. I like hearing thoughts more so than just a “___ added ____ to his/her favorites”.
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