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The sixth of the cheat sheets for the Stories of Mythology Contest =yami-caffeine and I are hosting! Cash and art prizes abound so check it out! [link]

Full Name: Malta Tiris
Nickname(s): The Golden Captain, The Boy Captain , The Golden Child
Gender: Male
Age: 145 - 25 in human years, but he often gets mistaken for younger.
Birthday: August 5th , Leo
Hair: Golden with the tips dyed bronze orange
Eyes: Greenish-Gold
Height: 6'3" but he has a habit of slouching to make himself look a smaller 6’0”
Race/Species: Sea Elf ((In some settings a metis werewolf: Ragabash of the Fianna))
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Malta is surprisingly very solidly built and agile, but he hides this by purposefully wearing clothes that are two big and slouching, making him look smaller and thinner than he really is. This tends to throw off his enemies who usually wrongly assume him to be inexperienced at first glance.
Beliefs/Religion: None - but he tends to pay his due respect to the deities of the sea.
Temperament: Kind, Compassionate, Carefree, Sunny, Honest, Loyal, Friendly, Generous, Responsible, Clever, Courageous, A trickster, Sulky, Doesn’t let people ‘in’, Secretly self-critical.
Career: Captain and Owner of The Enoch.
Likes: Food, Fun, Drinking, Eggs, Being on the Sea, Being comfortable, Providing for people, Being helpful, Ships and ship building.
Dislikes: Emotional Vampires, Pickiness, Pickles, Stubbornness, Being betrayed, Mice.
Natural Talents: Extremely intelligent and dexterous - Malta is extremely hard to even hit, let alone pin down. They way he dresses are carries himself makes his opponents usually grossly underestimate his skill and misjudge where to strike. He favours letting his opponents exhaust themselves before becoming a showoff and out parrying them. He likes trickery to outright offence and will often end up knocking someone overboard, on their face, down a stair case, tripped into piles of rigging, etc… often en mass. He is an incredibly good captain and leader. He is well loved among non-pirates for his work and is well known for somehow being able to make his ship do the seemingly impossible.
Background: His mother died when he was still very young and was taken under the wing of Lote Narwa who was also a street urchin. They later met up with Quenta and the three of them worked ships for the Kiirar family until the ship they traveled with was decommissioned and they parted ways. He and Lote went on to traveling till his cleverness and charisma earned him ownership of the Enoch and he started building his reputation as a captain. During this time he was told by a prophetess that he was the embodiment of the Virtue of Kindness, the Archangel Michael, and only when the angels were together would they be strong enough to defeat a diabolic threat that stood against them. He then began gathering the other virtues as members of his crew.
Michael: The angel Malta is the incarnation of. He is known as “Saint Michael, the Archangel,” “He who is Golden,” and “The Prince of Israel,”. He is the angel who is the leader of the hosts of heaven and the great protector of God. One of the youngest angels, but one of the most powerful - he is the most loathed by the devils of hell. He is also the angel that delivered what would become the book of Enoch to Enoch. Michael is the angel that ended the wars of the heavens and the hells by giving his wings of pure gold feathers to Mammon. They were the things Mammon had coveted the most his whole existence and had tried to rip them from Michael during the fall but failed. In exchange for these, Michael demanded being able to take Beelzebub back to heaven, renaming her Beliel. This effectively created a ceasefire between the two factions long enough to allow the world to start to flourish.

Partner: Ataque Turq, the carpenter of the Leviathan. At first they were simply good friends, finding great pleasure in their similar personalities and interests. It was Sul who saw the great potential in their happiness and encouraged them to try being more than friends. Much to Dae’s utter loathing who did everything he could to make it hell until Malta finally bribed/conned him into stopping. They like working on ships together, the also love raiding any and all forms of food.

Siblings: He has no siblings of his own but he tends to perceive Lote Narwa as his older sibling because of how he played a large part in raising him, but they are not blood related. He is one of the few people he’ll be honest about what he feels instead of always looking happy.

Friends/Allies: Lote Narwa ((Second Mate of the Enoch)), Quenta Kiirar ((The Enoch’s First Mate)), Fallaner En’Litse ((The Healer of the Leviathan)), Huine Nukumna ((The Healer and Mage of the Enoch)), Sul Arrna ((The wind bringer of the Leviathan)), Ataque Ture ((The carpenter of the Leviathan)) Antha Taulka ((The ships Quarter Master)), Sol'leks Giliath ((the navigator of The Enoch)), Lekmee Neithan ((A former lover and the wind bringer of the Enoch)), Wil Neithan ((Lekmee’s young daughter Malta tends to be a father figure for))

Enemies: Dae Lanta: The Captain of the Leviathan, these two have been fighting so long barely anyone remembers why any more - but it’s been rumoured to have been going on since they first met as children.
Minya Maa: The first mate of the Leviathan is especially confounding to Malta - while he doesn’t mind being Minya around a bit, he finds his constant wanting and demanding very draining.

The sixth of the cheat sheets for the Stories of Mythology Contest =yami-caffeine and I are hosting! Cash and art prizes abound so check it out! [link]

Full Name: Ataque Turq
Nickname(s): Attie, Beel
Gender: Female
Age: 128 - around 22-ish in physical appearance
Birthday: October 1st, Libra
Hair: Dark brown with caramel streaks, kept in cornrows ((twelve braids)) except for her bangs.
Eyes: Violet
Height: 6'1"
Race/Species: Southern Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: A very sturdy, solid girl, especially for an elf. Somewhat overweight, she manages to keep it from becoming an issue by all-day physical labour to counterbalance all that she eats. She has tribal tattoos on her face and shoulders. Both ears are pierced three times, her right eyebrow and nostril are pierced once each, and her left eyebrow is pierced twice.
Beliefs/Religion: Spiritual - she believes in totem spirits. Specifically the Shark, her tribe's chosen creature.
Temperament: Indulgent, Friendly, Hands-on, Fun-loving, Gluttonous, Focused, Carefree, Flirtatious, Gullible, Skilled, Loyal, Headstrong, Active, Extroverted
Career: Carpenter and Helmsman on The Leviathan
Likes: Food, Drinking, Parties, Luxury, Sex, Fun, Sailing, Building and planning ships, Sharks, Fixing things, Big Dogs, Swimming
Dislikes: Being hungry, People who never indulge, Anchovies, Raisins, Narcissism, Hangovers
Natural Talents: Ataque comes from a family steeped in skilled shipwrights. She grew up around them and their craft and as such, is now an extremely talented shipwright and carpenter herself. Handy with almost any sort of tool, she's the elf for the job when anything needs fixing, improving or creating from scratch. She is very strong and sturdy, wielding a greataxe with a fiercesome ease. Not one to hold back in battle, she frequently leaps into the fray swinging. She is her ship's helmsman, knowing The Leviathan almost as well as Dae. Ataque is also a bottomless pit ... she can put away much more food than she reasonably should be able to.
Background: Childhood was a roller coaster for Ataque. Hard times settled on her whole region when she was young, a famine that lasted for the better part of a decade and left the natural resources so dessicated and spent that most of the tribes in the area had to migrate elsewhere. It took years for her tribe and family to get back on their feet in a new place, but after a time her father had begun his shipyard anew. One would think that a famine would inspire saving food, but she now eats as much as she can, whenever she can. After working under her father for most of her life, she became intrigued with one Captain Dae when he chanced to berth in their harbour. She pleaded with him to take her when he set sail again and as such, was picked up as the Sin of Gluttony aboard The Leviathan.
Beelzebub: Ataque is the incarnation of this archdevil. Beelzebub, or 'Beel', is commonly known as the "Lord/Lady of the Flies". She is the governess of gluttony, excessive indulgence and the waste that comes of it. Long, feathered antennae rise from her head and her once pure, angelic wings have long since mutated into an insect's gossamer wings. Generally less cruel than most of her hellish counterparts, she was given the first layer of Hell, where she wallows in food, drink and luxury. Hellhounds haunt her domain, where those who've fallen to her sin starve in the slush and rain. Michael, the Archangel of the Fourth Heaven, gave to Mammon his golden feathers in exchange for being able to take Beelzebub back into Heaven, where she was renamed Beliel.

Partner: Malta Tiris, the captain of The Enoch. At first they were simply good friends, finding great pleasure in their similar personalities and interests. It was Sul who saw the great potential in their happiness and encouraged them to try being more than friends. Her own captain, Dae, protested the relationship and only after making their lives an unbearable hell did Malta finally bribe/con him into stopping. They're a perfect match for each other, loving to party as well as work together.

Siblings: A younger sister, Samanar. There is a substantial age difference between the two of them, but they are as thick as thieves, even with Ataque gone most of the time.

Friends/Allies: Dae Lanta ((Captain of The Leviathan)), Turytura and Gilie Raumo ((weapons master and navigator on The Leviathan)), Sul Arrna ((windbringer on The Leviathan)), Fallaner en’Litse ((cook/healer on The Leviathan)), Minya Maa ((The Leviathan's first mate)), Lote Narwa ((weapons master of The Enoch)), Quenta Kiirar ((The Enoch’s first mate))

Enemies: Elyoc - the devil hounding Dae.

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