Avatar: The Last Smite-bender Picture

*Phew* I've been working on this project off and on for the past half-year, but it's finally finished! I give you a crossover between the beloved TV series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the third most popular MOBA in online gaming (with characters based off of deities from ancient mythologies and religions) Smite. The logos belong to each of the works respectively as do the characters, though they might be harder to divvy out between the two XD. I've based the character crossovers more on personality than abilities so some of the matches may not make sense at first glance.

Let me give you the run-down. We have:

Aang as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King (with Appa and Momo as his transformations) - Even though Sun Wukong may be a little more aggressive than the peaceful monk that Aang is, I noticed some some similarities between Sun Wukong's lore and Aang's role in his universe. Overall I think they're an appropriate match.

Sokka as Tyr, the Lawgiver - Alright, so this one's a bit of a stretch...Why did I pair up Sokka, a funny, creative genius with a stoic stick-in-the-mud like Tyr? One answer...the Wolf-tails! Come on, they're practically Wolf-tail brothers! But seriously, while Sokka may act like a clown at times, he's just as committed to dispensing justice as Tyr when the need arises.

Katara as Nu Wa, Guardian of Heaven - Okay, erm...First let me say that my first and primary reason for matching them was because I thought they had a lot in common, being protective, motherly personalities and all. But you have to admit, she does make that outfit look good (please don't hate me, fans of either character).

Toph as Chaac, God of Rain ("Haha, you hit like a vegetarian!") - It was "tough" choosing a match-up for Toph. I thought Geb or Cabraken would be a little forced, but Chaac seemed the perfect fit once I thought about it. And it's not like Toph hasn't been represented by a male character before...

Zuko as Agni, God of Fire - Well, at least he doesn't have to worry about those burn marks any more, since now he's on fire FOR THE REST OF HIS LIIIIFE! Really though, I thought that representing what Zuko learned about fire's dual capacity for destruction and creation in Agni's body would be the perfect way to represent him.

Iroh as Guan Yu, the Saint of War - This was an easy one. They're both noble, honorable warriors that embody chivalry and righteousness. They also like to kick a$$ and drink tea. Any objections?

If you like what you see here then I might be tempted to add some more characters in these universes to the crossover. The next one will feature the villains of the Avatar-verse, and perhaps the one after that will cover supporting characters. Feel free to suggest which characters you'd like to see paired up with which gods or goddesses in the next one (though hopefully it won't take half a year to finish it).
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